Caregiver Services in Scottsdale AZ

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We offer hourly care, up to as many hours necessary. We provide live-in caregivers for up to 24 hours at a time in addition to 12 hour shifts. Enlist Angela's Home Care Angel's, LLC personalizes services for the care your family needs.

Home Care

Home Health Professional
Respite Care

Physical Assistance

Our care providers are reliable and thoroughly equipped with extensive experience in home care settings. We pride ourselves on having a team of compassionate, honest and trustworthy professionals. Certified in CPR and First Aid, our caregivers provide the added level of security while providing in a variety of non-medical home services for your family member or loved one. We offer short and long-term care options.

Respite Care

Sometimes the adult caregivers within the home need a break. That's where we come in. Providing respite care services enables individuals in roles of home caregivers an opportunity for a much-needed interval of rest or relief. Our companions and homemakers offer the compassion and attention your loved one needs while you take well deserved time away. When you need to regroup and regain the energy you selflessly give to your family member, call upon the professionals who can step in while you step away for a bit. You can count on us when you need to regain your strength. Call to schedule!

Physical Assistance

Whether it's range of motion exercises or a guide to assist while client transfer from a wheelchair to the shower seat, our trained and certified professionals offer safety and care in physical assistance needs. Is there a daily exercise plan your family member needs to employ better? We can help. Ensure your loved one continues mobility without losing muscle coordination or is at risk of an accident by trying it alone. Contact us today!

Companionship Care & Homemaking

A clean home environment is essential to an efficient client routine. Our homemakers are trained to keep bacteria Companionunder control and be mindful of clutter that could be a hindrance to navigating the home.

Our caregivers manage light housekeeping tasks and establish an individual work plan with the client and family so that things run smoothly. At Angela's Home Care Angel's, LLC, our team of non-medical companions offers the emotional care and support with proper attention for individuals in need of home care assistance. Call us today!

Alzheimer's Dementia Care Services

Are you a friend or relative of an individual experiencing dementia or is diagnosed with Alzheimer's? Mental deterioration is a difficult process to accept, let alone function with. Everyone within the home must learn to adjust and continue to offer unconditional love and support. Dementia Care

Our qualified health aides are there to encourage, assist you in guidance, and act as resources to engage the client in such a way that their independence is not compromised. At the same time, wonderful memories are recalled and strengthen cognitive abilities. Call us today to talk about how we can best fit your situation.


Are you a friend or family member who is new to the home care challenges of an in-home caregiver? We can help. Our trained team members carry out needful personal hygiene care programs specific to client needs. Respect and privacy are first and foremost to our clients. Our care professionals maintain that each home care individual remains clean and well cared for, which promotes overall wellness for the patient. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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